I thought the article captured well the conservation ethic tied to hunting. Was written by someone knowledgeable in both time and place, capturing the nature of stewardship. I know, as I'm the 5th generation of family on land in Michigan.

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Hunting is part of human nature. When nature order is reverted anything can happen and most the times it ends in tragedy.

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Are you familiar with the system of varna and aśrama of Ancient India?

The kshatriyas are warriors allowed to hunt within that ancient societal system.

I think you should read up on them and bolster your argument for hunting.

Your arguments here are not persuasive: for example, there is a difference, which you overlook, between ‘natural cruelty,” and “man-to-nature cruelty.”

Likewise, to what extent can you morally defend your “right” to “exploit” nature?

These are only two of the unpersuasive tactics you employ but do not dive in deeper. There are many more throughout the text though.

Words are powerful. Choose them wisely.

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Feb 5, 2023·edited Feb 5, 2023

@Wesley I don't think you're persuasive at all for what it's worth

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