I applaud the Salient for speaking the Truth. I fear, however, that the pervasiveness and power of those speaking their own ‘truths’ will render Gay’s removal as a mere speed bump on the road to whatever the ultimate goal is of the left. After all, they did not fire her. Nonetheless, those dedicated to open debate must continue to fight the good fight. Thank you for all you do!

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Am I the only Harvard observer, for whom it was a revelation that a senior Harvard faculty/administrator is paid somewhere north of $900K? And why is Claudine Gay allowed to keep such situation after her failed Presidency? I smell a deal between her and the Board. She keeps her job and her plagiarism is spun away. She does not throw the Board under the bus for having preset the tone she would take before Congress and the way in which they would all stonewall in the aftermath.

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Harvard’s original motto was Christo et Ecclesiae (“For Christ and Church”), it was later changed to Veritas (“Truth”). This change made sense because the nation was devout in its faith. We could expect good behavior from all, especially from Harvard graduates. Christianity was their core. That was then and this is now. We don’t live in Kansas anymore. Now we get to choose between two truths.

You are a sinner (leads to redemption and heaven).

You are a victim (leads the condemnation, loss of free will and hell).

That the elites can't see what has become clear to the rest of us, is laughable. Moral bankruptcy is leading to anarchy. Anarchy will lead to revolution. Your truth matters. If it is not for Christ, it is for Communism.

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